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A World-Class Team Of Texas Litigators

At Brophy & Bland, PLLC, we earned our solid reputation the old-fashioned way: hard work and thorough preparation. At the same time, we are ever-diligent to stay up to date with the most recent changes in the law and court decisions that may impact your case.

From our office in Austin, we serve our surrounding communities and also take cases throughout Texas. With more than 65 years of combined experience, our attorneys have a wealth of knowledge and proven strategies to apply to each new, unique case. Our secrets of success have remained the same over time: knowledge, preparation and perseverance. For insights into our respective backgrounds and qualifications, follow these links:

Brophy & Bland, PLLC continues to expand and grow as we continually help more and more people. Our firm’s goal is to reach a clientele not only in Texas but across the nation.

Trial Lawyers Committed To Excellence

When we accept a case, it is because we believe in our client’s cause and have the confidence that is necessary to make a favorable outcome highly likely. We have represented clients in noteworthy cases involving:

  • Commercial real estate litigation
  • Business litigation
  • Corporate counseling
  • Fiduciary duty compliance and liability protection
  • High-asset divorces involving business interests

Time and again, we have proven our ability and willingness to push through to victory on behalf of our clients, whether they are plaintiffs or defendants in a legal dispute. Our attorneys are ready to evaluate your case and recommend the best way forward given the unique issues involved.

Dedicated Advisers And Advocates

Clients rely on our consistently high-quality representation as they seek to protect their assets and interests. At any given time, we may be engaged in high-stakes negotiations, mediation or trial work. Our caseload is dynamic, varied and forward-looking. We are a growing firm with the capacity to serve you.

Request a case analysis at your earliest convenience. Call 512-764-3895 or complete our online inquiry form to let us know when you are available to talk about your issues with one of our experienced attorneys.