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Strong Litigators Provide General Counsel Services

Large corporate entities often have in-house counsel available to help with routine and unexpected legal issues that come up, ranging from contracts to hiring procedures. Small and medium-sized businesses and corporations, on the other hand, need to fill that gap. Some rely on on-demand legal services while others choose to enter into ongoing general counsel arrangements with attorneys outside of their organizations.

Brophy & Bland, PLLC is available to fill the bill for businesses and high-asset individuals and families. Our attorneys are ready to deliver frequent legal advice and provide occasional representation in conflicts on an ongoing basis for a business of any size. We can provide the strong strategic counseling and transactional support you and your company need.

How General Counsel Can Prevent And Resolve Problems Cost-Effectively

Remaining competitive in the current marketplace requires a strategic corporate governance plan. Understanding how to discharge their fiduciary duties, not face liability, and comply with current regulations requires knowledgeable legal guidance. Our attorneys serve clients in diverse industries in a range of legal matters, including:

  • Forming, structuring and operating their business entities
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements, such as shareholder and employment agreements and bylaws
  • Assisting in sales, mergers and acquisitions

One of the most important functions of a general counsel attorney is to help clients – businesses, government agencies, families or individuals – prevent the escalation of potential legal disputes. Our business lawyers offer clients sound advice and practical judgment in all areas of business. We assist private companies with:

We take pride in counseling our clients in their best interests through routine challenges. We are also prepared to respond immediately to crisis situations. Knowing our clients and their businesses helps us resolve disputes for them efficiently as needed. As a law firm capable of taking on the most significant challenges, we also foresee our practice expanding into other markets over the coming years.

Request A Case Analysis From An Experienced Business Law Attorney

With more than 60 combined years of experience and a strong track record of favorable outcomes in even the most complex business matters, our attorneys have earned our clients’ respect and repeat business. We are eager to help devise a fee and services arrangement to meet your budget and your business needs in or around Austin, anywhere in Texas and across the nation.

To schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, call us in Austin at 512-764-3895 or complete our online inquiry form.