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Protect Your Financial Interests When Shareholder Disputes Arise

A company’s potential can seem limitless when the interests of the entity and its shareholders align. When these interests are in conflict, doubts about the company’s viability can undermine its prospects and stability.

Knowledgeable legal counsel can address shareholder discontent and minimize the long-term damage that this internal conflict can have on a company’s financial welfare. Our business law attorneys at Brophy & Bland, PLLC are well-regarded Texas litigators who know how to get to the heart of shareholder disputes and obtain swift resolutions. Whether your legal conflict lies with another shareholder or the company itself, we will take the steps necessary to protect your interests. Our attorneys routinely handle small or large matters with the same zeal.

An Overview Of The Conflicts We Handle

There are a variety of forms that shareholder litigation can take. Over the course of their impressive careers, our attorneys have handled a range of shareholder conflicts in court and presented compelling arguments before judges and juries. Our team draws on decades of courtroom experience and business law practice to investigate allegations and determine a path forward.

We have represented clients alleging unlawful actions and also defending against accusations of:

  • Violations of fiduciary duty
  • Self-dealing and other misuses of assets
  • Fraud
  • Conflict of interests

We can also resolve disputes that are unrelated to fraud but do affect shareholder’s interests. These matters may include conflicts over:

  • Distributions or dividends
  • Business strategy
  • Allocation of assets or resources
  • Succession plans
  • Bylaws
  • Shareholder rights or agreements

At Brophy & Bland, PLLC, the secret to our success is simple: We work hard and will not stop until we secure the results that our diverse clientele deserves. We are ready and equipped to represent you whether you need assistance with a breach of fiduciary duty case, a dispute over the terms of a shareholder agreement or another problematic matter.

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