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Signs of discrimination in your workplace

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Labor & Employment Law

In workplaces across Texas, discrimination remains a significant issue. It not only affects individuals directly involved but also creates a negative environment for everyone.

Discrimination at work is illegal, but it can be subtle and challenging to spot. Recognizing the signs of discrimination is important to identify and address it in your workplace.

Unfair treatment

One clear sign of discrimination is receiving unfair treatment. This includes getting overlooked for promotions, missing out on opportunities or facing harsher penalties for similar mistakes compared to others. If you notice you are receiving different treatment without a valid reason, it could signal discrimination.

Inappropriate comments or jokes

Discrimination can also surface in comments or jokes about someone’s race, gender, religion or other personal traits. These remarks, even under the guise of humor, can contribute to a hostile environment and reflect underlying discriminatory attitudes.

Isolation or exclusion

Experiencing exclusion from meetings, team projects or social events can indicate discrimination. Consistent exclusion without a reasonable explanation might stem from discriminatory motives.

Different standards

Facing higher standards than others for the same recognition or rewards is another sign of discrimination. This might involve working longer hours for the same respect or experiencing more scrutiny over your work compared to colleagues.

Sadly, discrimination in the workplace is extremely common. In fact, a whopping 91% of Americans revealed that they have faced discrimination at least one time while at work. Recognizing these signs is the first step in addressing discrimination. Remember, everyone deserves a workplace that is fair and respectful, free from discrimination.