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What are violations of fiduciary duty?

A fiduciary is an individual or company that acts for you. Fiduciaries often manage property or money for others, and they need to place their clients’ best interests first when making decisions on their behalf. Violations of fiduciary duty occur when the company...

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6 FAQs About Texas Non-Compete Agreements

Divorce is difficult. It can trigger all sorts of unsettling, uncomfortable and frightening feelings, such as depression, anger, denial, bargaining, and acceptance.  Educating yourself with some of the basic principles of family law may help alleviate some of these...

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Types of intellectual property

No matter what industry you are in, you must have good ideas in order for your business to survive. You should also know how to protect your ideas in case a competitor tries to use them. From logos to web design to products, anything you come up with is your...

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3 FAQs about Texas non-compete agreements

As in other states, Texas law recognizes that businesses may have the right to create non-compete agreements with employees. Also called non-competition agreements, these types of contracts may restrict workers from offering services to or sharing privileged...

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